Friday Fellowship


Welcome to Friday Fellowship

Good Morning Friend,

Welcome to Friday Fellowship, a place where we gather for a quiet moment and I share a few of my favorite things from around the internet (and my life) from this past week. I also encourage you to share in the comments or on social media a few of your own favorite things. In this way, we gather, enjoy each other’s company, share good things, have a few laughs, and for a brief time forget about the everyday cares that weigh heavy on our hearts the rest of the week. It’s a time of fellowship, on a Friday, and it’s good for the heart, mind, and soul. It’s Friday Fellowship. Welcome.

Pictures I’m Enjoying:

This week, my picture is my own. I just cannot stop admiring the beauty in it:

This photo was taken on Friday night, a couple of weeks ago, as my husband and I sat outside in the cool temperatures of the Friday Night Lights. We never had one football player in our family, but we have supported the Draughn Marching Wildcats for four seasons now as our son has risen through the ranks of his high school marching band since Freshman year. At the time of this posting, I am looking at the last football games I will attend at this school, for this kid, as this is his Senior year, and there are no other games on the schedule I am able to attend. Bittersweet moments for mama.


So far, Senior year has been good to Kaleb. As stated before, he has risen among the ranks to become a Drum Major for the Marching Wildcats. And he had the honor of escorting one of his best friends, the lovely Miss Gunnar, on the Homecoming Court (you can see the results of the vote above). To be that age again! We are all hoping for great things to come from this gifted young man.

Blogs I’m Following:

Finding Joy


There are few blogs, and even fewer books, I have found that actually touch the awkward spaces of motherhood during the 12-18 years. This blog may not even be for motherhood during those years, either. However, Rachel Marie Martin has done something that few bloggers/authors have been able to do: speak to a mother’s soul regardless of the age of her children. Her blog post, TO THE MOM WHO KEEPS GOING, reminded me that I have a beautiful way of continuing to walk out my path as a mother, and keep going, no matter what. And I am grateful for the reminder.

Podcasts I’m Liking:

I cannot even say the word podcast without mentioning one of my favorite places to hang out: Joanna Weaver’s living room! She is an encourager, she is filled with the joy of the Lord, and she knows just who I want to hear from and when. Recently, she invited the lovely and grace-filled, Gretchen Saffles into the living room. If you do not know who Gretchen is, she is the founder of Well-Watered Women, a place I love to go to find resources and a wellspring of fresh living water for my soul.

Joanna’s conversation with Gretchen:

The Living Room with Joanna Weaver


Books I’m Reading:

This week is a special one for me. By the time you are reading this post, I will be waking up and enjoying the morning sunshine in Charlotte, NC. It is my hope*writers writing conference weekend, and I could not be any more excited than I am at this very moment.

But, what does that have to do with books I’m reading?


As a writer, or as a creative of any kind, finding a book or a few on your hopes and dreams should always feel like a lost treasure found. And that is my lead-in to this week’s book I’m reading:

Author Anne Lamott

Her life is poetic, beautiful, spiritual, and her book that changed my writing life forever: Bird by Bird


It is purely magical that this book turned 25 years old this year and got a new cover for her birthday. The words inside are timeless, the wisdom within a treasure. I will be forever grateful for Anne and the path she laid down for writers like me.

Foods I’m Tasting:

I have a real treat for you all this week: my mother-in-law’s recipe for my favorite of all time comfort foods of the South. Nothing warms me up on a cold day, and makes me feel all the comforts of being home, like a plate full of country-style steak smothered in gravy on top of a mountain of homemade mashed potatoes.

I never had the pleasure of meeting my mother-in-law as she passed before I met my husband; however, I feel the love in her recipe as if she’d known all along he’d find me and I’d need her comforting words spoken through a wonderful meal full of love.


There’s nothing like this meal to make me hungry for days past and if time could be turned backward, I’d hope to find my love sooner so that I could enjoy his mom’s jokes, her smile, and her hugs. There is nothing like home to make you feel like you are wanted and loved no matter anything you do or go through in life.

Sites/Sights I’m Seeing:

Friends, this is the best weekend for me to be in Charlotte! I have seen posts about the weather, the views, the food, the sights, and sounds, and I am absolutely ready to dive into this weekend with both feet!

For those of you curious about what I am up to this weekend, here’s the link to better describe what the conference is all about:

hope*writers writing conference

Hope*Writers for me is not just the stages of writing, the lessons under each stage, learning and loving my craft, or finding out how to make my voice stand out among the crowds of others’ already speaking and writing about the same topics as mine.

For me, Hope*Writers is about the community I belong to, the friends that I’ve made along the way, the camaraderie and consult that these friends offer, and the feeling I get knowing I can ask any question, request prayer at any time, and even vent or share my frustrations without judgement, and still receive a positive word, helpful advice, and many prayers for whatever I happen to be going through in my writing life, and my normal everyday life. That’s a community, and multiple friendships, that I just can’t get anywhere else.

For me, being a hope*writer means being a powerful voice in someone’s journey to help them overcome and press on in the name of Jesus. I’m so proud and honored, to be a hope*writer.

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